Motorola Minitor VI (6) Pager

The Next Fire Department Pager

The Minitor VI (6) is the ideal pager that has been purpose built to support fire departments and organizations that need to respond quickly to an emergency. The Minitor VI (6) is the newest voice pager by Motorola Solutions and was announced February 2014 to be the next step forward in the Minitor Pager Series.

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SKU: Minitor-6

Product Description


Amerizon Wireless proudly supports Fire Departments across the US and offers easy payment plans to help your organization update your response technology. We have the most updated information on the Minitor VI (6) pager and carries the complete line of accessories to help you get up and running with the latest technology.

Features List

- 2 Year Warranty
- 12.5 & 25 kHz Capable
- Wide and Narrow-band Programmable Channel Spacing
- Expanded Stored Voice
- Silent Scan (Dual-frequency model)
- Priority Scan (Dual-frequency model)
- Available in 1 or 5 channel
- Available in standard or Intrinsically safe (UL) versions
- Customizable Alert Tones and Voice Announcements
- IP56 water and dust resistant (not submersible)


Pager Shown with Amplified Charger - Amplified Charger is not included with the standard package but can be added upon request.

Expanded Stored Voice

When situations arise and it's important for you to hear messages clearly, the Minitor VI has got you covered. Expanded Stored Voice on the Minitor VI continuously records up to 16 minutes of voice message. If you don't hear every part of the message, simply play it back. Once your messages are stored, Message Management will allow you to keep up with your stored messages with actions like Next/Previous, Fast Forward/Rewind, Delete, and Lock/Unlock. With Expanded Stored Voice and Message Management you have total control.

Rugged and Reliable

The Minitor VI comes with an International Protection (IP) rating of 56. IP is the standard developed to show the degrees of protection provided by radios and other electrical equipment against access to hazardous parts, ingress of solid foreign objects and ingress of water. With an IP56 rating, the Minitor VI is built tough and is designed to resist the penetration of dust and damage from water spray on the enclosure. It also stands up to Motorola’s Accelerated Life Testing that simulates 7 years of field use.

Intrinsically Safe Version

Safety is the number one priority in any situation, but when you are around flammable gases, vapors or combustible dust it becomes critical to know that your equipment is safe. The Minitor VI is available in a (IS) Intrinsically Safe version. This version is designed to be used where conditions require a zero tolerance for any source that could ignite. This is achieved by limiting electrical energy in the event of a short circuit which prevents any "sparking" or failures which could cause ignition.


Additional Information

Part Number Minitor-6
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