The Best Two Way Radios of the Year, 2022

The Best Two Way Radios of the Year, 2022
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The Best Two Way Radios of the Year, 2022

 A Year-in-Review: The Best Two-Way Radios of 2022

When you're looking for two-way radios you can rely on for work, you need ones that can help you increase safety, boost productivity, and work more efficiently. 

Motorola's two-way radios are our pick for the Best Two-way Radios of 2022. They're reliable, customizable, and they get the job done. While you can't go wrong with any Motorola device, these three picks for the Best Two-Way Radios of 2022 are built to keep you and your team connected in 2023. 

XPR 35000e Two-Way Radio

The XPR 3000e series represents the latest and most dynamic evolution of the Motorola two-way radio. This device is designed for the everyday worker who needs the best connected, safest, and most effective communication. The 35000e is available in UHF or VHF and features a battery life of up to 28 hours. If you choose the 3500e, you'll enjoy high-performance integrated voice and data; Normal, Priority, Dual priority, Nuisance Channel Delete, Talk Group, All Group, System, and Home Revert scan types; channel lock capability; caller ID; and intelligent radio. 

Other features that make the XPR 3500e one of the best two-way radios of 2023 are features that come standard with the XPR 3500e series, including: 

  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • Bluetooth audio
  • Enhanced audio quality
  • Improved expandability
  • Better range (up to 8%)
  • Better waterproofing (IP67)
  • HazLoc models available

MOTOTRBO SL300 Two-Way Radio

Hotels need two-way radios that can provide coverage and battery life, can connect workers and teams, are reliable, and deliver second-to-none audio quality. That's why Rock Networks includes the MOTOTRBO SL300 among its top 5 Motorola two-way radios for the hospitality industry. 

But you don't have to be in the hospitality industry to enjoy the SL300's simple and reliable push-to-talk communications. This MOTOTRBO two-way radio is a cost-effective alternative to the SL3500. improve productivity, reduce operating costs, and increase customer service. The simple and portable SL300 helps the hospitality industry improve productivity, reduce operating costs, and increase customer service, and it can help you meet your needs too. 

MOTOTRBO R7 Digital Portable Two-Way Radio

The MOTOTRBO R7 offers audio capabilities that are setting the standard in the industry. Its advanced audio processing includes adaptive dual microphone noise suppression and automatic acoustic feedback suppression. The R7 also features programmable loudness up to 107 phons. All in all, the R7 provides noise canceling, loudness, and clarity so that you and your team can hear and be heard regardless of your surroundings. 

And you'll stay connected too. The R7 features custom voice message capabilities and superior signal strength. You'll also be able to customize your R7 depending on your needs. Customizable options include: 

  • site coverage
  • a predictable cost structure
  • deciding which features and which devices go on your network
  • capacity for as many devices as your team needs
  • the capabilities to ensure that your team is only a button’s push away

With advanced audio processing, rugged construction, and advanced connectivity options, these radios get your workforce ready for tomorrow.

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