How to Program Your Motorola CP200D

How to Program your Motorola CP200D Two-Way Radio
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Motorola CP200d Programming - How-To Guide

How to find my Motorola CP200D frequencies?

There is no visual way to identify the frequencies programmed into an existing CP200D without using some type of external equipment to read the radio.

The best method to read a CP200D radio is using the manufacturer's programming cables and software.  This will provide you with a file that can be modified and cloned into other CP200d radios of the same model number. 

We do not recommend using a frequency counter or scanner as they are limited and may only show you the basic frequency information for each channel.  To fully program a radio there are many more details that are programmed into each channel of the radio like privacy filters in analog and digital id's when operating in digital mode.  It is always best to read the CP200d with the approved programming cables and software from Motorola.

How to Program a CP200d radio?

Here are a few options when considering reading or programming a Motorola CP200D.

Option 1:  If you purchased your CP200D from, we include radio programming with your new radio purchase. If you are a new customer you can send us a working radio. We will read your existing radio and program your new radios to match.  We store this programming file for your possible future orders to make the process easy next time.  This will save you the time required to learn how to use the software as well as the cost to purchase the required cables.

Option 2: You can purchase the required Motorola software and cables to connect your CP200D radio to a computer. This will require a basic understanding of two-way radio frequencies to program a radio correctly.  You will also need to understand privacy codes in analog and digital id's when operating in digital mode.

If you are interested in learning how to program the CP200d you will need the software and cables listed below:  

  • HKVN4362 CP200D Software (Purchase directly from Motorola Solutions at 1-800-927-2744)
  • PMKN4128A Programming Cable 
  • Amerizon can also offer a screen share training session that is billed hourly to help you get started with the software.  If you are interested in this training session please contact our sales team at 1-800-396-1911
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