The CP200D (the “D” stands for digital) portable radio from Motorola, in partnership with Amerizon Wireless—the latter offering configuration, fulfilment, and customer support after purchase—offers the best in standard two-way radio communications on the market. With the evanescence of our older CP200 16-channel, analog radio, Motorola has improved on a number of this radio’s critical features: our newer, digital model, for instance, requires only eight licensed frequencies to maintain the same channel capacity, thereby halving the number of licensed frequencies users need to obtain, along with possessing a 40% longer battery life in contrast to its analog predecessor. (The battery life of our CP200D radio has been increased to 12-14 hour, which enables users to finish their workday without needing a recharge.)

Completely compatible with your existing CP200 analog radio, the CP200D provides users with the opportunity to upgrade to digital, while still giving you the option to continue communicating in analog.

Beyond the increase in channel capacity and a longer battery life, the CP200D possesses enhanced sound quality and a longer range. With optimal TX and RX clarity, along with one of the loudest speakers on the market, the CP200D both extends the range of your communications, and allows you to transmit vital information in the noisiest of environments. Ideal for schools, outdoor worksites, manufacturing plants, and healthcare facilities, among other workplaces with high noise pollution, the CP200D is easy to integrate into your current family of radios.

The crispness and clarity of a digital radio signal compared with its analog counterpart is striking. By upgrading to digital radios, users receive a clear signal unmuddied by the static interference of yesterday’s analog models.

With two side buttons, the Motorola CP200D offers several programmable features, including, by not limited to, a channel scan, squelch levels, remote monitor, and a transmit interrupter, giving supervisors the ability to convey critical information.

The CP200D comes standard with a 2300 mAH battery and charger, an antenna, a 3” belt clip, along with our 2-year Motorola warranty.

Lastly, the CP200D is one tough radio. As users of the CP200 analog already know, with its IP54-rate splash-proof and dust-proof functionality, the durability of Motorola’s radios is matched only by the strength and clarity of their signal.

6 months ago
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