Motorola Solutions Curve Two-Way Radio: Wi-Fi Enhanced Business Radio

Motorola Solutions Curve Two-Way Radio: Wi-Fi Enhanced Business Radio
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Motorola Solutions Curve Two-Way Radio: Wi-Fi Enhanced Business Radio

Wi-Fi And Voice Assistance Capabilities Merge With Reliable Two-Way Business Radios

Curve's unique blend of sophisticated functionalities and user-friendly design allows you to concentrate on your tasks instead of worrying about your communication device. By merging radio-based push-to-talk with Wi-Fi-enabled cloud connectivity, Curve offers the best of both worlds: easy-to-use and reliable voice communication, along with advanced features that are intuitive to operate.  With Curve, your team can stay connected and productive without worrying about weak communication or complex management.

Stay Connected, Focused, and Productive with Motorola Solutions’ Curve

Motorola Solutions’ Curve Two-Way Wi-Fi Enhanced Business Radio offers a powerful communication solution that combines Wi-Fi-powered Voice Assistant, Push-to-Talk Communication, and the Curve Portal for managing Voice Assistance subscriptions. The Voice Assistance Button provides effortless access to features like direct or group radio calls and voicemail sending/receiving through simple voice commands. Push-to-Talk technology blends seamlessly with Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling robust and dependable communication, while the Curve Portal caters to stores and resellers, providing real-time metrics and key performance indicators to track radio and personnel productivity.

Wi-Fi Powered Voice Assistant

The Voice Assistance Button (VAB) on Curve provides a convenient way for users to access its various features. With the VAB, users can log in and out of the device effortlessly, and use simple voice commands to initiate powerful capabilities such as direct or group radio calls. Additionally, the VAB enables users to send and receive voicemails to individuals or entire locations. To access the Voice Assistant, a subscription is required, which can be conveniently monitored and managed via the Curve Portal.

Push-to-Talk Communication

Curve blends push-to-talk technology with Wi-Fi connectivity, utilizing land mobile radio frequencies for radio-to-radio communication, and Wi-Fi for additional features like Curve's Voice Assistant and data transmission based on analytics. By doing so, your team need not worry about weak communication resulting from spotty, crowded, or untrustworthy Wi-Fi networks. Curve's amalgamation of Wi-Fi and Push-to-Talk technology results in heightened radio features and dependable communication.

The Curve Portal

The Curve Portal is custom-built for managing Curve Voice Assistance subscriptions, featuring a hierarchical management system that caters to stores and resellers. Leveraging the Wi-Fi capabilities of Curve, the portal delivers real-time key performance indicators and metrics that enable tracking of radio and personnel productivity.

Additional Features and Accessories

In addition to the features listed above, the Curve showcases:

  • Color LED status indicator
  • 10 channels, 900-928 mHz frequency
  • Range up to 300,000 sq. ft
  • Lightweight, slim form factor
  • Programmable top button

It’s also compatible with many popular Motorola Solutions accessories, including:

  • Curve Over-the-Ear Earpiece, Single-pin
  • Curve Single-Unit Rapid Charger
  • Business Radio CPS Programming Cable
  • Curve 6-Pocket Multi-Unit Charger

Amerizon Wireless Offers the Curve Two-Way Wi-Fi Enhanced Business Radio

If you need radios that will enable your business or organization to connect over other devices, at other locations, or across distances, Amerizon Wireless will walk you through the process of obtaining the radios, along with Nationwide PTT coverage.