Motorola TLK 100 with Wave PTX Expands Your Communications

Motorola TLK 100 with Wave PTX Expands Your Communications
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Motorola TLK 100 with Wave PTX Expands Your Communications

Motorola TLK 100 with Wave PTX Expands Your Communications

For the most part, Push-to-Talk (PTT) communication has been confined to two-way radios. When Motorola Solutions introduced WAVE PTX in 2021, they changed the future of group communications. Motorola WAVE PTX is a Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (PoC) solution that combines the PTT functionality of traditional two-way radios with innovations such as advanced GPS and location tracking.

At Amerizon Wireless, we’ve seen how much of a difference-maker PoC can be for businesses and industries that are spread out over a wide area. When your people are dispersed geographically, WAVE PTX enables them to communicate whether they are in the same building or halfway across the globe. Staying connected to your people and tracking their location in real time helps you increase both employee productivity and safety.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of PoC, along with Motorola’s WAVE PTX solution and the best two-way radio for optimizing Push-to-Talk Over Cellular for your business.

What is Push-to-Talk Over Cellular?

Before we dig down into Motorola WAVE PTX as a specific solution, we want to explain the benefits of PoC in a more general way. Push-to-Talk Over Cellular is more or less self-explanatory. You know that smartphones are amazing devices. They enable you to retrieve information quickly, and they can connect to cellular and Wi-Fi networks wherever they are available.

But what is the one thing that smartphones lack? Or to put it another way, why do so many businesses still rely on two-way radio communication when everyone has a smartphone? 

It’s important to realize that two-way radios and cell phones are not really in direct competition. No reasonable person would argue that cell phones aren’t an amazing technology—they are computers in your pocket. With smartphones, you can send texts and photos, connect on social media, and call anyone from anywhere.

Yet importantly, cell phones offer only one-on-one communication, while two-way radios are for group communications. When you need operations- and business-critical communication solutions that are immediate and instantaneous, you need PTT radio technology. 

PoC solutions such as Motorola WAVE PTX are subscription-based services that enable you to connect your teams across different devices, networks, and locations. Instead of utilizing standard VHF and UHF frequencies, PoC solutions connect over Wi-Fi networks, giving users and businesses greater flexibility when it comes to communicating with each other. 

The benefit of being able to communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any time is a big one for many businesses and industries. Along with this, PoC devices and systems allow you to track the location of any employee or worker in your organization. 

WAVE PTX, for instance, has a number of important industry use cases: from allowing security staff and educators to communicate with each other across a large college campus to helping construction workers stay in contact as they move from jobsite to jobsite.

The Motorola WAVE TLK 100

When it comes to two-way radios that are compatible with WAVE PTX, Motorola Solutions offers the TLK 100. The Motorola TLK 100 is a classic two-way radio built to Motorola Solutions’ standards as the industry leader in voice clarity and coverage.

With a height of 169mm, a width of 59mm, and a depth of 22mm, while weighing just 166 grams (or less than .4 pounds), the TLK 100 is an extremely compact radio that will be easy for your employees to carry on their person throughout the workday.

But don’t let its small size fool you: the Motorola WAVE TLK 100 is an extremely durable radio, perfect for use in rough conditions. As a Motorola device, it stands up to the same rigorous industry-standard military testing as any other piece of equipment they design. These tests are intended to demonstrate that Motorola radios can withstand the toughest of environmental conditions—the TLK 100 will continue to operate in temperatures as low as -30° and up to 50° C. 

As a standard Motorola radio, the TLK 100 has an 8-channel capacity, while also giving you the potential to have up to 300 contacts, which indicates how easy it is to scale this radio. However, you should never worry about the number of channels on your Motorola two-way radios if you plan, as we would recommend, to use these radios in conjunction with WAVE PTX for Push-to-Talk Over Cellular. The dispatch system and admin panels that come with WAVE PTX will allow you to create numerous talk groups for your enterprise.

The layout of the buttons on the TLK 100 ensures easy operation for your workers. If your industry tends to have a higher turnover rate than usual, you don’t need to worry about training your new employees on how to use these radios.

With its large, textured, and easy-to-find PTT button on the left side of the radio, in addition to the volume and call knobs situated below, new radio users can simply grab the TLK 100 from its charging station and be prepared to go in any situation or work environment.

Unlike other Motorola radios, on the top of the TLK 100 where you would typically find the radio’s connection knobs, you will instead find your radio’s power button and talk group selection switch, which gives this radio an even more compact form factor. Lastly, on the face of the device, you will discover both the microphone and speaker, along with an LED screen that offers a clear indication of the channel to the user.

Amerizon Wireless Offers the TLK 100 with WAVE PTX as a Package

If you need radios that will enable your business or organization to connect over other devices, at other locations, or across distances, Amerizon Wireless will walk you through the process of obtaining the radios, along with Nationwide PTT coverage. 

For more information about the monthly subscription fees, and how to obtain free TLK 100 radios when you sign up for Motorola WAVE Push-to-Talk Over Cellular, please contact our WAVE activation team by calling us at 1-866-MCA-WAVE or emailing us at