Coverage under this Plan will be denied in the following situations:

a. If the damage to your Covered Product was caused by intentional physical damage, misuse (including faulty installation, repair, or maintenance by anyone other than an Amerizon Wireless service center, unauthorized modification, performance limitations due to environment, lightning, fire, flood, insect infestation, rodents, war, terrorism, Acts of God or other external causes, or use not as the manufacturer intended, as stated in your manufacturer’s warranty;

b. If your Covered Product was lost or stolen (this Plan only covers Covered Products returned to us in their entirety);

c. If the damage to your Covered Product is cosmetic in nature, including but not limited to scratches, tears, dents and broken plastic on parts when the damage does not otherwise affect or impede its functionality or materially impair your use of the Covered Product;

d. If the defect or damage concerns an accessory to your Covered Product (e.g., charger, cradle, audio accessory).

e. If the serial numbers on your Covered Product have been altered, defaced or removed or if you submit a claim for a product having a different serial number than the serial number our records indicate for the Covered Product unless you show that you received a replacement product from the manufacturer under the manufacturer’s warranty;

f. If the damage to your Covered Product was caused by a device other than your Covered Product, including equipment purchased at the same time as your Covered Product, audio accessories, consumable parts such as batteries, etc.

g. If there is damage to, or loss of, any programming data residing or recorded in your Covered Product;

h. If the failures or parts and/or labor costs incurred are the subject of a manufacturer’s recall;

i. Fees or costs related to third-party contracts and consequential or incidental damages, including but not limited to loss of use, loss of business, loss of profits, loss of data, downtime, charges for time and effort, no-fault-found diagnoses, or failures that occurred prior to the purchase of this Plan;

j. If the use of the Covered Product is not consistent with either its design or the way the manufacturer intended it to be used;

k. If the Covered Product was damaged due to contact with any human or animal bodily fluids;

l. If the damage to the Covered Product is secondary damage (e.g., there is a car accident and the Covered Product is damaged by the car accident);

m. If there is damage to the Covered Product that is excluded or not covered under this Plan, including products attached to the Covered Product, such as components or add-on accessories;

n. Pre-existing conditions (incurred prior to the effective date of coverage) known to you.