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New York Public Theater

Richard Denney - Manager, New York Public Theater

"I am very impressed by Amerizon and their service.
As a non-profit theater in New York, our choices are plenty but our budget is always tight."

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What types of issues were you experiencing at the theater that prompted you to shop with Amerizon?

We had used local suppliers in the past and unfortunately their service and customer relations were lacking for our needs. Upon searching around for some time for a new supplier I stumbled upon Amerizon on Google and found the site to be quite forward, easy to navigate and informative.

I did have one question and when I submitted it through email after normal business hours, being in theater I work at night, Dean responded to me within an hour and even offered free shipping.

As my fleet of BPR40s have grown due to the needs of a very busy theater the obvious choice was to continue our relationship with Amerizon. The Public Theater has six venues at our 425 Lafayette St location as well as The Delacorte Theater in Central Park home of Free Shakespeare in the Park for 51 years and to say our needs to communicate quickly and effectively with our large staff is an understatement.

As other departments' needs grew in terms of communication it was an easy decision to share my contacts and experience with Amerizon because I had confidence that their experience would be similar. We now have four departments using Amerizon for their radio needs at The Public.

Products Used by the New York Public Theater

Motorola BPR40 Radio

Motorola BPR40 UHF Radio

The Motorola BPR40 UHF Two Way Radio is an affordable, high-performance communication tool that will be a reliable solution for your communication needs. When you equip your work force with the BPR 40, they will be able to react more efficiently. Quicker response, better customer service, saved trips, and increased safety they all add up to better operations and a streamlined process.

List Price: $250.00

Your Price: $169.95

Motorola D-Style Earpiece

Motorola D-Style Earpiece

The Motorola PMLN5001A D-Shell 2 Wire Earpiece comes combined with an in-line microphone and a PTT (push-to-talk) switch. The earpiece is ultra-lightweight and has an improved comfort fit for extended wear. A larger speaker provides excellent audio and can be worn on either ear. Stylish yet keeps conversations private so your guests don't hear your internal communications.

List Price: $27.50

Your Price: $24.95

How have the BPR40 radios and surveillance kits helped solve those needs?

BPR40s are quick, lightweight, heavy duty and cost effective for our growing staff and needs. Add on top of that that they are Motorola the leader in two way radio products and it was a no brainer.

Richard's Full Review

"I am very impressed by Amerizon and their service thus far. As a Non For Profit Theater in New York our choices are plenty, but our budget is always tight. I had been using a local Motorola Supplier and they became aggressive and pushy with follow up for additionals purchases and service that was not neccesarry. I found Amerizon through a google search and new with their extremely competitive prices and easy to use website they were going to be my new supplier. Not to mention that they are based in my adoptive home state of NC, ECU Pirate Proud here.

Amerizon Wireless has become one of our main suppliers at The Public Theater for all of our Front of House and Building Operations needs. When other departments in the company ask who my supplier is I am confident in directing them to Amerizon Wireless. Keep up the superior work."