ICOM AP90M Wireless LAN Access Point for IP100H Radio System - DISCONTINUED


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Building Your Network

How The ICOM AP30M LAM Access Point Fits Into Your Network

AP90M is Icom's own compact WLAN access point. It handles the use of both 5 and 2.4 GHz spectrum bands with a builtin high safety standard for encryption. The access point is equipped with various features such as load balancing, packet filters, and support for the PoE (Power over Ethernet) function. The entire functionality of the system can be monitored with the use of RS-AP3 software.

The Advantage of Wireless

Communicating from the basement of a skyscraper to the top floor has never been easier! Imagine a maintenance worker in the basement of a 100 story building communicating with an office on the top floor. When they realizes that they need a part from another location, they simply create a three way call with a warehouse that might be miles away, all using simple to operate push-to-talk WiFi radios. The key is wireless access points.

These non-intrusive access points are easy to mount and connect to your network.

Why build a network?

Radios have always offered advantages over cell phones. The user friendliness of a push to talk radio is lost in a smart phone, as is the durability that many organization rely on. The monthly expense of complicated cell phone contracts for an entire organization often greatly outweighs the cost of an FCC licence. Still, paying to use another companies cellular network can be tempting.

The ICOM WiFi radio system offers the best of both options. Durable and waterproof with a long lasting battery the IP100H will be there when you need it. The radio is also intuitive to learn and easy to use. By connecting your radios to your own WiFi network, you get many of the advantages of a cell phone network without the cost of having to pay monthly contracts to use a telecommunication companies cellular network. By placing access points around your facilities, you can talk with the clarity of digital communication on an encrypted network, connecting distant sites, all with the push on a button.

More Information
What's in the BoxI Access Point
Compatible ModelIcom IP100H
Warranty1 Year
ManufacturerIcom America Inc.
Radio TechnologyAnalog (Digital Upgrade Available)
Frequency BandUHF
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