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Solutions for Fire and Rescue

As technology advances in the emergency services field it is very important to stay ahead and up-to-date in order to ensure that your firefighters and rescue workers are working as safely as possible. This is the reason that Amerizon Wireless is on top of the new products and technology that can be indispensable tools for your entire organization. In every mission critical situation that your team faces we want you to know that you have the best of the best and we stand behind our products.

Rugged Computing

Command staff rely on rugged mobile laptops for important information during an incident. These computers must be able to with stand all types of environments but advanced enough to keep up with the latest programs and technology.

Getac rugged computers are the industry standard for rugged laptops and rugged tablets. No matter how much performance you need out of a rugged laptop Getac has you covered. These devices are customizable to your departments standards and come with a bumper to bumper warranty.

At Amerizon we offer only the best in mobile rugged computing like Getac. With their incredible reputation for performance and durability, Getac offers state-of-the-art features like sunlight readability, thermal heat dissipation, power management and brutal pre-production testing. Getac has the industry's best bumper-to-bumper warranty which covers pretty much everything.

First Responder Paging

When the call goes out it must be heard clearly by the first responders. Every firefighter knows the importance of hearing the initial call no matter where they are. With the Motorola Solutions Minitor VI (6) you can be sure that the message will get through to the people who matter most. The Minitor VI (6) is the ideal pager that has been purpose built to support fire departments and organizations that need to respond quickly to an emergency.

Expanded Stored Voice on the Minitor VI continuously records up to 16 minutes of voice message. If you don't hear every part of the message, simply play it back. The Minitor VI comes with an International Protection (IP) rating of 56. IP is the standard developed to show the degrees of protection provided by radios and other electrical equipment against access to hazardous parts, ingress of solid foreign objects and ingress of water. With an IP56 rating, the Minitor VI is built tough and is designed to resist the penetration of dust and damage from water spray on the enclosure.The intrinsically safe version is designed to be used where conditions require a zero tolerance for any source that could ignite.

APX Series Radios

The communications equipment used in firefighting must be easy to use while wearing full gear and gloves. Because of the constantly changing environment of a firefighter their communications must also withstand extreme environments and deliver clear audio over the roar of a burning building.

The Motorola Solutions APX series radios for firefighters are among the most advanced, rugged, and safest radios on the planet. These radios feature innovative designs by first responders for first responders and outperform other radios in extreme conditions. The APX series radios are ergonomic and easy to operate even while wearing gloves and full gear. Firefighters now have a mission critical radio that is significantly louder and clearer in harsh environments so that every word can be heard clearly. These radios are inter-operable and offer new technology to enhance the safety of firefighters. GPS tracking will allow command staff to know where their firefighter are all times.