Motorola AAH50RDF9AA5AN CP200 XLS Radio 128 Channel UHF - Limited Keypad

This radio has been discontinued.
Replacement part: Motorola CP200 D.


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Motorola CP200 Expanded!

The expanded features of the CP200 XLS portable two-way radio enables you to efficiently organize your workforce using conventional or LTR Trunking. With a limited keypad, the CP200 XLS also features an eight-character alpha-numeric display, four programmable buttons for quick access to up to eight programmable features, a user-editable scan list, tones on/off, and call tone tagging. The CP200 two-way radio also includes a large rotary channel selector which allows for quick and easy channel changing. These expanded features, along with its lightweight, rugged design make it the perfect fit for many different types of businesses including educational, retail, and hospitality.

List of Features:

- 128 Conventional Channels
- Supports LTR Trunking - Large Capacity System Deployments
- 8 Character Front Display - Backlit
- Accessory Connector - Convenient access for audio accessories
- Large, Textured Push-to-Talk Button - Easy to find and use, even when wearing gloves
- Two side and two front buttons provide quick access to up to 8 features
- Privacy Codes Include: 42 standard TPL codes, 84 standard DPL codes and non-standard codes
- System Scan and Auto Scan
- Single Priority Scan Frequently scans higher priority channel

Motorola CP200 Remote Programming! (Amerizon Exclusive)

Amerizon has developed a new program that will help our customers connect their radio fleet over the internet directly with an Amerizon Programming Technician. Amerizon customers will no longer suffer downtime from shipping radios back and forth for programming. Our new software application allows our customers to remotely connect their radio fleet over the Internet directly with a programming technician who will make any necessary adjustments to the radio.
- Eliminate Down-Time
- No longer ship radios back and forth
- Change radio features like Frequencies, Scan Lists, Privacy Codes, etc...
- Radio is programmed by an Amerizon Professional


Why Choose a UHF Radio?

The UHF spectrum is used across the world in two-way radio systems for commercial, industrial, public safety, and military purposes. A UHF Radio is a perfect choice for an organization that primarily operates in an indoor environment. UHF radios use a higher frequency which means it has a physically smaller radio wave. This allows the signal to penetrate through building walls providing better coverage in an indoor environment.

The UHF band is shared among many users and that is why it needs to be governed by the FCC and a license is typically required to use this frequency. This can involve frequency coordination so that you are assigned a frequency that will be less registered for use in your area by other organizations in order to help reduce interference.



What does "IP54 Rated" mean to me?

This Two Way Radio holds an IP54 rating which is good but what does it mean? The IP in the code stands for Ingress Protection, this will typically be followed by two numerical digits. The first of the two digits run on a scale from 0-6 which signifies the level of protection against solid foreign objects. "The IP5" rating says that this unit is protected down to a dust level. The second digit runs on a scale from 0-8 and signifies the level of liquid protection. The "IP54" rating says that this unit not only is protected from dust but also from splashing water.

The IP54 rating is the most common among two way radios because it will protect the equipment from normal wear and tear scenarios such as operating in a dusty construction site or using the radio in the rain. If you are looking to step up to the next level water protection for your equipment look for "IP57 Rated" which offers water submersion protection.

Motorola Solutions Warranty

When you buy a Motorola Solutions two way radio you can count on a quality product that will last. Motorola runs an accelerated life test on all radio models they produce so they know that after many years of wear and tear the radio will continue to perform when you need it most. This radio comes with the standard Motorola 2 Year Warranty giving you the peace of mind that your looking for when making a mission critical purchase.

The Motorola warranty covers more than just the radio itself. The rechargeable battery that is included as part of this kit is also covered under a 1 year warranty. This warranty will replace the battery included in your kit if the battery capacity falls below 80% of the rated capacity or if the battery develops a leakage. The bottom line is your complete kit is backed by Motorola Solutions and you can rely that this product will perform for you in the moments that matter.

More Information
Product Type Two-way Radio
Radio Technology Discontinued
Manufacturer Motorola Solutions Inc.
Output Power 4 Watts
Frequency Band UHF
What's in the Box Radio, Li-ion 2250 mAh 7.5V Battery, 90 Minute Rapid Rate Charger, Whip Antenna, 3" Belt Clip
Channel Capacity 128 Channels
IP Rating IP 54 (Splashing Water)
Radio Display Yes
Average Battery Life 14 hours
Warranty Moto_Commercial_Warranty
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