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Motorola NNTN8383B Industrial Noise Canceling Remote Speaker Microphone (IMPRES)

Compatible With: Motorola XPR 6000 Series, Motorola XPR 7000 Series

IMPRES audio: Yes

Noise canceling microphone: Yes

Volume control: Yes

Audio jack: 3.5 mm
Processed By: Motorola Solutions Inc.
Availability: Usually Processed In 2 to 3 Business Days

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Product Description


Also identified as NNTN8383, NNTN8383A.

High-decibel noise. Heavy machinery. Loud crowds. They can compete with and drown out your communications. That’s why you need the Motorola INC (Industrial Noise Canceling) Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) – to unleash the power of your radio and be heard above all.

Whether you’re in a mill or a manufacturing plant, the INC RSM is optimized to perform with MOTOTRBO™ radios in extremely noisy, dirty and difficult environments. With its rugged construction and exceptional noise canceling, you can hear and be heard in extreme noise environments. Now you can work safely and be more productive in your workplace. Combine the no nonsense, noise-canceling INC RSM with our best-in-class MOTOTRBO radios and together you’ll rethink what’s an accessory – and what’s a necessity.


  • One-Wire Earpieces: BDN6664, BDN6665, BDN6726, BDN6727, BDN6666, BDN6728, RLN5314, RLN5313
  • Flexible Ear Receiver: BDN6719
  • Pellet Style Earpiece: BDN6781
  • Peltor noise canceling headsets: RMN4056/RMN4057

    Put the INC RSM in the harshest conditions and it handles them best. It overcomes extreme noise and excessive conditions, from pounding jackhammers to banging equipment. An innovative dual-microphone design suppresses background noise so your message gets through. And the large 1-watt speaker delivers the loudest, clearest audio available – up to 25% more than other MOTOTRBO RSMs – so you can hear above very high level noise.


    The INC RSM makes it easy to get the work done without getting in the way. Even though best practices is to speak directly into your RSM, the INC RSM allows you to clip the RSM to your shoulder or lapel and talk freely with a touch of the prominent push-to-talk button.


    Construction grit, debris and fine particles can clog remote speaker microphones and reduce the quality of your voice transmissions, but the INC RSM shrugs it off with ease. Simply vacuum out the speaker grill (when dry), then brush out the debris using soapy water, rinse and you are ready to go.*

    See the Industrial Noise Canceling (INC) advantage

    Even when you can't hear yourself, the person on the other end will with an INC remote speaker microphone.

    The IMPRES Audio Technology Experience

    Take a Look at Other Accessories


    Consider setting up a charging station with a large multi-unit charger. It is easier to manage your fleet of radios if radios or extra batteries are being charged regularly and during the appropriate time. Single unit chargers spread out through your organization can lead to uncharged radios and poor communications if managed by multiple radio users. This will keep the radios charged, organized, and centrally managed.

    What is the noise level at your business?

    - If in a LOW noise area, suggest Surveillance kits to keep it that way.

    - If in a MIXED noise area suggest a Speaker Mic to have the mic and speaker closer to the user's head.

    - If in a HIGH noise area and suggest Heavy Duty Headsets or appropriate headset for the environment.

    Battery Power:

    Backup Batteries are a must in the business world today. We recommend at least 1 backup per radio, that way even with busy schedules and workloads, you are covered if you forget to charge your unit.


Additional Information

Part Number NNTN8383B
What's in the Box 1 Microphone
Product Type N/A
Warranty 1 Year
Compatible With Motorola XPR 6000 Series, Motorola XPR 7000 Series