Motorola PMMN4062AL IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone

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Motorola PMMN4062AL IMPRES RSM with NON-Threaded Audio Jack, Orange Button, Noise Cancelling (IP54)

Motorola PMMN4062AL is a durable large remote speaker microphone is easy to operate even while wearing gloves and features IMPRES audio, which optimizes your audio when operating in noisy environments. The noise-canceling acoustics negate background noise so your voice come through loud and clear when you speak directly into the microphone. Also has a programmable orange emergency button and audio jack to attach earpieces allowing for discreet communications.
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Accessory TypeSpeaker Mic
Compatible ModelMotorola APX 3000 Series, Motorola APX 4000 Series, Motorola APX 6000 Series, Motorola APX 7000 Series, Motorola SRX 2200 Series
Warranty1 Year
ManufacturerMotorola Solutions Inc.
Radio TechnologyAnalog (Digital Upgrade Available)
Frequency BandUHF
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