Vertex Standard Radios

High-Performance Two-Way Radios

Vertex Standard has been manufacturing radios since the 1950s and is committed to offering feature-rich models at highly competitive prices. In 2008 Vertex was acquired by Motorola but remains an independent brand with unique radios and accessories.

Vertex offers both handheld and in-vehicle radios along with repeaters. Recently, digital models were added to their selection as well. All Vertex radios come with an industry-leading three-year warranty. Extensive engineering standards and performance benchmarks ensure Vertex radios are professional-grade quality and easy to operate. Most models are compact in nature but all are extremely durable as Vertex adheres to exacting IP and MIL-STD specifications.

Portable Radios

There are five series of analog models and one series of digital radios within Vertex's portfolio. They range from entry-tier models (VX-231 & VX-350) up to enterprise level models (VX-820 & 920). Some are heavy-duty 'industrial grade' capable of operating in extreme environments. All radios come with powerful lithium-ion batteries that boost usage life ensuring you're always connected when it matters most.

Mobile Radios

Engineered with die-cast aluminum construction, Vertex mobile radios are tough and durable. With broad channel capacity up to 500+ channels, you can communicate across a variety of surroundings with several efficient scanning options. Frequency options include full-band VHF and upper-range UHF ensuring your mobile coverage is reliable and flexible.

Digital Radios

For clearer audio transmission, Vertex recently introduced a digital series of radios called eVerge. eVerge radios offer more reliable audio quality and coverage along with superior call management. One major benefit of digital call management is the ability to ensure that some messages are transmitted only to specific IDs instead of being broadcasted to a large group of listeners.

Three-Year Warranty

Vertex Standard fully stands behind each and every portable and mobile radio it manufactures with an industry-leading three-year factory warranty. The warranty completely covers repairs, replacement parts and shipping. *Keep in mind, the three-year warranty covers only the radio whereas Vertex Accessories come with a one-year warranty.
Vertex Three-Year Radio Warranty

Great Choice for Schools

Schools are on a tight budget and that's one of the reasons Vertex is a smart choice for most campuses. Vertex radios are cost-effective and provide reliable communication that is extremely important where student safety is concerned.
  • Flexible Channel Monitoring
  • Remote Listening Capability
  • Emergency Alert for Mobile Radios
  • Connect Immediately to Call for Help
  • Quicker & More Reliable than In-School Phone Systems

Vertex Portable Radio Selection Guide

Still not certain which Vertex radio is right for you? Use this handy selection guide to help you narrow your choices. Click the image to the right and choose the features that you need to find the perfect radios for your organization.
Vertex Portable Radio Selection Guide