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Motorola Radios the Way in Communication Technology

What makes Motorola stand out from other two-way radio manufacturers is that they are not afraid to take a great idea and make it a reality. Of course there are risks with that level of aggressiveness, but Motorola believes that true innovation happens when they solve problems their customers didn’t even know they had, or in a way no one thought could be done.

Motorola Innovation

How do they do it? Motorola has over 85 years of practice seeing concepts through to fruition, so they have laid out an experienced framework for this process. They currently have over 4,300 patents on their products and technology and over 1,300 pending patent applications. Their process has been perfected; they start by monitoring and predicting market and technology shifts, then they pair up their innovators and business champions to develop products to take advantage of and combat these shifts, that way, Motorola and their customers are always in front of the curve with innovative new technology designed to make their communication better.

Motorola has been at the forefront of communication technology since its foundation, and will continue to be a leader and innovator on a global scale.

Built to Handle the Job

Motorola Radios Innovation

In developing their products, Motorola goes directly to their consumers to find out what their radios and accessories need to be able to handle. They have been known for their rugged and reliable devices since the first portable Motorola radios were developed and used during WWII.

Motorola radios are put through an Accelerated Life Test, which simulates 5 years of wear and tear on their devices. These tests are performed only in certified laboratories and put their products through a gambit of tests; including, water resistance, extreme temperature, vibration and shock, corrosion, durability, and solar radiation.

Rugged Motorola Radios

All Motorola radios are put through this test before they become available to the consumer. If a prototype does not pass each of these tests, it is sent back to the drawing board for redevelopment and eventual retesting. Not until all these tests are passed, will that product be put into production. This high product standard is just another reason why Motorola leads the pack in two-way radios and communication equipment.

Quality Products Engineered to Exceed Customer Expectations

Motorola Innovation with SL300

Motorola's entire business model puts the customer's needs at the center of everything they do, and that same customer-centric view is the basis for the engineering and quality processes during the development of Motorola radios.

Their products must pass many different tests and stages to ensure the quality meets Motorola standards; including, performance measurements and evaluations, management and operational review, internal and external audits, and of course, customer feedback.

They also use additional programs to continually check and improve the quality of their products. The Lean Six Sigma process was developed by Motorola in 1986, as a way to measure product variation and eliminate waste. This program was so accurate and successful, it was quickly made a worldwide standard for quality measurement.

They even have a Quality Recognition program within their company to reward individuals or teams who develop ways to improve product or service quality, which ultimately improves customer satisfaction.

MOTOTRBO The New Age of Two-Way Communications

Motorola's MOTOTRBO line of radios uses the latest technology to not only improve the performance of the radios but to redefine connectivity in communications.

The digital power behind MOTOTRBO gives these Motorola radios vastly improved performance over traditional analog radios. They deliver crystal clear audio, greater range, double capacity, and longer battery life. They also operate in both digital and analog modes, so they can work with existing radios, which lets you transition your fleet to digital at your own pace.


Motorola Radios Features

Motorola Radios Crystal-Clear Audio

Crystal-Clear Audio

Motorola radios have crystal-clear audio even in the loudest of environments using Intelligent Audio. Intelligent Audio will automatically increase and decrease your volume, while Noise Suppression filters out background noises so you can hear and be heard perfectly.

Motorola Safety-Focused


Transmit Interrupt can prioritize communication at any time. Man-Down and Lone Worker apps can automatically call for help when personnel can’t. Location-tracking can keep up to date real time tracking of vehicles, assets and personnel.

Motorola Radios Easy-to-Read Displays

Easy-to-Read Displays

With full-color and superior resolution displays, see information quickly and clearly. Motorola radios can be used in broad daylight or in dark environments using night modes.

Motorola Productivity-Enhancing


Using the industry’s largest application developer brings in numerous benefits for Motorola radios, such as location tracking, Bluetooth data, email gateways, dispatch, telephony and work order ticket management.

Motorola Radios High-Performing


Motorola radio batteries are perfect for multiple shifts without interruption for up to 29 hours.

Motorola Integrated Bluetooth

Integrated Bluetooth®

You can now work and move freely without wires and send data in real-time by using Bluetooth® audio and data.

Motorola Radios Integrated Wi-Fi

Integrated WI-FI

The latest MOTOTRBO Motorola radios come with built-in Wi-Fi with numerous possibilities, including remote software and firmware updates.

Motorola Radios Every Day Rugged

Every Day Rugged

Trust that your Motorola radios are tightly sealed against wind and dust, while the most rugged models are even submersible in up to 6 feet of water.


MOTOTRBO also offers many applications to enhance safety and connect your radios to the other communication systems you use in your organization. To improve workplace safety, these Motorola radios can allow emergency transmissions to take priority and broadcast out to all users over all other communications. They also have options for Man Down and Lone Worker features. These monitor the radio user and send out an emergency transmission if an accident occurs and the wearer is unable to call for help.

The connectivity applications for MOTOTRBO are vast. Their Interoperability applications allow users to connect their radios to telephone networks and cellular providers, giving them the capability to talk to a phone user. There are also Text Messaging and Email applications available to further expand your communication abilities. MOTOTRBO enables Work-Order Ticket Management to be done directly on their radio; that coupled with GPS tracking, System Monitoring and the Voice Dispatching applications, and users have a fully connected, efficient system for assigning tickets, dispatching and tracking workers.

The newest additions to the MOTOTRBO line are the "e" series radios. These enhanced Motorola radios deliver built-in WiFi for over-the-air firmware updates, making updates simpler and quicker. They also have Bluetooth 4.0 technology for use with wireless accessories, double the battery life and 8% further range than the previous MOTOTRBO generation of radios.