When selecting a frequency band or technology option you will want to answer the following questions. If you have any doubt we encourage you to speak with an expert by giving us a call. 1-800-396-1911

Question #1- Do you already have radios?

If you have radios in use today, and you want new radios that will work with your existing fleet, then selecting the correct frequency band is critical. We recommend removing the battery from the radio and locating the full model number of the radio. You can see an example in the image to the right.

You can then search for that model number on our website to find the exact match.

If you are considering a changing your radio model you will want to confirm that the new model matches the frequency band you are selecting. For example if you have a UHF radio today you will want to select UHF with your purchase.

Question #2 - How will you use them?

If you do not already have radios, and this is a new purchase, you will want to consider where and how your radios will be used. UHF is best used in a mixed environment where the radios will be used in both indoor and outdoor areas. VHF is best used in an outdoor only environment.

Question #3 - Analog or Digital?

This does not apply to all radios however it is important to know if you need to select a radio capable of digital channels. Both have their advantages and most digital radios can work with an analog radio, however you will want to be 100% sure before making a selection. Give our experts a call, so that we can help you create a programming plan if you're considering making a move to digital radios. 1-800-396-1911