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Advanced Radio Programming

Advanced Radio Programming

FACT: All radios require programming prior to use. Radio programming plays an important part to ensure that your investment fits perfectly into your business. As technology advances and radio systems with new features also become more complicated. Our advanced programming service is design to make sure that you get the most out of your investment while making sure the radios are programmed to fit your business not the other way around.

What’s included with Advanced Radio Programming?

One on One consultation with trained radio technician.

Completed communications plan to fit your organization.

Full programming of capable features within purchased radio.

End user training session on programmed radio features.

Advanced programming is charged per radio and prices may vary depending on the complexity of the radio and it's supported features. Advanced programming must be completed at an Amerizon facility, either at the time of purchase, shipped to us, or dropped off at one of our locations.

If you require on-site programming please request a quote and communicate this need to the rep once you receive your quote.

If your ordering a radio online you will find the option to add advanced programming with the purchase of your selected radio if it is offered.

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