How to program your Motorola CP200D

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  • How to find my Motorola CP200D frequencies?
  • How to program a CP200D radio?
  • How to reprogram a Motorola Radius cp200?

There is no visual way to identify the frequencies programmed into an existing CP200D without using some type of external equipment to read the radio. A CP200D can be read using the manufacturer's programming cables and software or with equipment such as a "Frequency Counter". Below are a few options when considering the reading or programming a Motorola CP200D.

  • Contact an approved Motorola Dealer and let that dealer read and program your CP200D radios. This will save you the time required to learn how to use the software as well as the cost to purchase the required cables.

    If you purchased your CP200D from, we include radio programming with your new radio purchase. If you are reading this then you likely do not have your programming report and can send us a working radio. We will read your existing radio and program your new radios to match.
  • Amerizon trained technicians can connect with you online and program your radios without the need to ship equipment. This reduces the downtime typically experienced when sending in a radio or taking it to a local Motorola Dealer. If you are interested in this service, please call us at 800-396-1911 or simply fill out the form on our contact us page.
  • A Frequency Counter can be used with your radio to display the transmit frequency being used on that channel. This device listens for a TX signal and displays the frequency number on a screen. Frequency counters are good for testing purposes and will only tell you the transmit frequency of your radio. If your radio channel is set up for simplex operation (radio to radio) then you will need to know both the RX and TX frequencies. If your radio is setup to work with a repeater system then you only have half of the puzzle. Frequency Counters can range from $300 - $15,000 depending on the frequency range and feature sets. Frequency counters vary depending on the features offered and may not provide you with all of the required information such as privacy codes so we only recommend a frequency counter when you have no other options.
  • You can purchase the required Motorola Software and Cables to connect your CP200D radio to a computer. This will require a basic understanding of two-way radio frequencies to program a radio correctly.

    Below are listed the instructions for how to get set up with a Motorola Solutions service account given a link to a programming kit and the part numbers you will need to purchase.

Analog CP200D and CP200DXLS Programming Kit

  • RVN4191 CP200D Software (Purchase directly from Motorola Solutions at 1-800-927-2744
  • AMZCPPROGKIT - This kit includes all of the hardware needed to program a CP200D radio. (Sold Online)
    • AAPMKN4004A - Remote Interface Box to Radio Cable
    • RLN4008E - Remote Interface Box
    • 3080369B72 - PC to RIB (Remote Interface Box) Box
    • 01009422001 - AC Power Supply for RIB Box