Vertex Standard Radios


Motorola and Vertex merged their two brands starting in January 1, 2018. Many of the Vertex Standard radios now carry the mark of Motorola Solutions. Several of the entry-tier Vertex models have been carried over and are now part of the Motorola Solutions Commercial Radio line; as their new entry-tier two-way radios. The radio models being carried over to Motorola will be exactly the same as the original versions, they will simply have a different manufacturer stamped on the front of the radio, and all radios being canceled will have Motorola direct replacement options with similar pricing - so customers can continue to get high-quality, competitively priced products that will work seamlessly with their existing Vertex Standard branded radios.

Vertex Standard models re-branded to Motorola Solutions

Portable Radios - Select the model below to see Motorola Solutions product details and pricing.


Limited quantities available, contact us for availability or replacement recommendations

Motorola VX-261 RadioMotorola VX-261 Radio

Motorola VX454 RadioMotorola EVX-S24 Radio

Discontinued Vertex Standard radio models


Portable Radios - Select the Motorola replacement model below to see product details and pricing. Not all Vertex models will have a direct Motorola replacement.

EVX-261> Motorola Replacement CP100D

VX-264 > Motorola Replacement CP185

VX-459 > Motorola Replacement XPR 3500e

VX-820 > no direct replacement, see our Motorola Two-Way Radio selections

VX-920 > no direct replacement, see our Motorola Two-Way Radio selections

VX-451 > no direct replacement, contact us for replacement recommendations


Mobile Radios

VX-2100 > Motorola Replacement CM200d

VX-2200 > Limited quantities available, contact us for avaiibility or replacement recommendations

EVX-530 > no direct replacement, see our Motorola Mobile Radio selections

EVX-5300 > Limited quantities available, contact us for avaiibility or replacement recommendations

EVX-5400 > Limited quantities available, contact us for avaiibility or replacement recommendations



⇒ Will I be able to purchase Vertex brand products after January 31, 2018?

Vertex branded products will only be available as long as current stock remains. No Vertex branded products will be manufactured after January 1, 2018.


⇒ Will the new Motorola models have different features?

No, the Motorola versions of the original Vertex radios will be built with the same look and features that our customers are used to. The only difference will be the Motorola logo on the radio.


⇒ Will the Motorola models cost more?

Motorola will continue to offer the lower pricing that made Vertex such a popular choice for consumers.


⇒ Will there be Motorola radios that will work with my Vertex radios?

Absolutely, Motorola has a great line of commercial two-way radios with all different feature sets and pricing, so even if your Vertex model has been discontinued due to this re-branding, you have many exciting new options for a compatible Motorola radio. 


⇒ Will Motorola honor the Vertex 3-year warranty on my radio?

Yes, Motorola will continue to honor the 3- year Vertex Standard Manufacturer's warranty on any previously purchased Vertex Radios and Accessories.


⇒ Will I be able to get my Vertex radios repaired if they break?

Of cource you can! Repair parts will continue to be manufactured and be readily available for the next 5 years; that way you won't lose your radio investment. 


⇒ Will there be compatabile batteries and accessories available for my existing Vertex radios?

Motorola will continue the production of accessories for the radio models that are being brought over from Vertex. They will have a different part number, but they will be the same high-quality products our customers are accustomed to.