Amerizon Service Membership Plans

Amerizon Service Membership Plans

Become an Amerizon Service VIP!

Become and Amerizon Service Member and breathe easy knowing that you are at the top of our Service Department priority list. An Amerizon Service Membership card not only gets your priority service, but also a dedicated service number to call, that will connect you with a live operator for rapid response and faster turnaround times! For more information, please fill out the form below!

The Many Perks of Being a Member

We have 3 different levels of membership, so you can pinpoint one to fit your needs and budget. We offer Bronze, Silver, and Gold Memberships that can include up to the following:

Service Support available Any Day & Any Time!

Annual PMI (Preventative Maintenance Inspections)

Parts, Labor and Travel

Membership Card

Monthly Radio Repair Service

Onsite Subscriber Maintenance

No Cost Rentals for Serviced Units

With an Amerizon Service Membership, you can have the confidence that our facotry trained technicians and 50+ years of technical experience are ready when you need us the most!

Our Locations

We have many certified service centers throughout North Carolina to serve you, GPS tracked technician vehicles for rapid response and a 72 hour turnaround for most subscriber units!