Vertex AC113U001-VX Radio UHF (EVX-531) - DISCONTINUED


This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. For more great products like the Vertex AC113U001-VX Radio UHF (EVX-531) , request a quote or call us at 1-800-396-1911.

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AC113U001-VX Digital UHF Two-Way Radio


Evolve to Better Communication and Value with the AC113U001-VX

Step into the next level of two way radios with the AC113U001-VX Radio. Now you can afford to make the move to a digital radio without breaking the bank because the AC113U001-VX was built with the standard two way radio voice customer in mind. With this radio you gain all of the game changing features in a digital two way radio like crystal clear audio, extended battery life, double the capacity and increased range you expect. We are able to offer this radio at the price level we do because this unit has been focused down to the basics of great quality digtial voice and coverage designed for a typical voice only user looking to take the next step and future proof a radio purchase.

Why Choose Vertex Digital Radios?

Analog radios have been the standard option for two-way radio users for years. However, there are limitations to their performance that people over the years have learned to accept. Limitations such as Poor Audio Quality particularly near the edge of radio coverage, and Privacy which was not an option with Analog radios. This is no longer the case with the digital AC113U001-VX radio. It has Crystal Clear Audio, Privacy Options, Enhanced Coverage, Message Control and more.

Conversion Made Easy with Analog Integration

eVerge™ radios operate in both analog and digital modes and can be used with any existing analog two-way radios.

Do Digital Right: Stay Compatible and Maximize Efficiency
eVerge™ digital radios operate using the Time-Division Multiple Access (TDMA) digital mobile radio protocol to achieve spectrum and power efficiency and lower total equipment cost compared to FDMA (Frequency Division Multiple Access). It is important to note these two protocols are not compatible. So, unlike analog, not all digital radios work together in digital mode. Over 74% of digital radios used worldwide are TDMA -- make the right choice the first time with eVerge™ for a future proof compatible investment.
Better Radio Call Quality
Digital eliminates nosie and static from voice transmit to only deliver the intended voice message crisply and clearly. eVerge™ digital radios feature the AMBE+2™ vocoder for enhanced voice quality.
Better Battery Life
Using eVerge™ radios in digital mode can operate up to 40% longer than typical analog mode as a result of the TDMA protocol and reduces overall battery consumption per call.
Better Message Control and Privacy
Control who you call and who gets your message in digital mode. Digital radios each have a unique ID enabling users to select who they need to call or send a text message without including others.
Better Coverage and Connection Monitoring with ARTS II™
Get ultra-clear audio right up to the edge of the transmit range. And, with Vertex Standard's exclusive Auto-Range Transpond System (ARTS II), you will always know when you are in or out of range with another ARTS II-equipped radio.
Submersible and Weatherproof
Meets international standard IP 57 for dust and water protection where fresh water does not harm the radio when submersed to 3 feet for up to 30 minutes.
Intrinsically Safe Option
Available as a future release: will meet SGS intrinsically safe requirements for use in hazardous situations.
Option Board Expandable for Additional Applications
The EVX-530 series is desiged for future feature expansion and supporting third-party application development such as location tracking with GPS, rolling code encryption, etc.

The Controls

AC113U001-VX Controls

3-Year Guarantee

AC113U001-VX Warranty

The Vertex Difference

Our number one goal is achieving superior customer satisfaction by delivering products and services that exceed your expectations. Vertex Standard radios are built to last and are backed by an industry-leading 3 year warranty - another great reason to choose Vertex Standard.

The Digital Advantage

Vertex Standard (Everge) - Digital Two Way Radio Series

What's In The Box?

Vertex EVX-530 series. What's In The Box?

Spec Sheet

Vertex EVX-531 Spec Sheet

Compatible AC113U001-VX Accessories:

We offer the most complete line of accessories for the EVX-530 radio series. You can find all of the original accessories that come with the radio along with audio and charging accessories to make your job easier. We offer Vertex original batteries accessories as well as popular brands such as Impact Radio Accessories, and Power Products. Select a category below to get started:

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More Information
Radio TechnologyAnalog & Digital
ManufacturerVertex Standard
What's in the BoxDigital Radio, High Capacity Battery, Rapid Charger, Belt Clip, Antenna, Manual
IP RatingIP 57 (Water Proof)
Channel Capacity32 Channels
Radio DisplayNo
Frequency BandUHF
Output Power5 Watts
Warranty3 Year
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