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Vertex EVX-261 Two-Way Radio

Vertex EVX-261 Two-Way Radio

SKU: EVX-261

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Product Description


Vertex EVX-261: Make the Switch to Digital Easier with eVerge™ Portable Digital Radios

Upgrade to digital easily and affordably with Vertex EVX-261. This small portable has it all! It delivers the perks of Vertex eVerge™ technology; including, the enhanced voice clarity of a Digital Two-Way Radio, Dual Capacity Direct Mode for double the frequency capacity, and Expanded Interoperability; for seamless integration with existing radios. And with the price of an entry-level radio, the EVX-261 allows you to upgrade your fleet to digital without busting your budget.

Conversion Made Easy with Analog Integration

eVerge radios operate in both analog and digital modes and can be used with any existing analog two-way radios.

Safety Not Sacrified

Transmit Interrupt, Lone Worker and Emergency alert features show that this radio is designed for user safety. Lone Worker can send out an Emergency alert if the secluded user does not reset an automatic timer to show he/she are alright. These and any Emergency alerts come through as top priority, and the Transmit Interrupt feature will halt all other voice communications to allow the Emergency Alert to be heard.

What's In The Box?

The EVX-261 comes standard with all of the items listed below:

EVX-261 Radio Models:

It's important to select the correct model when ordering radios for an existing fleet if you want them to work together. If you have existing radios you can compare the model number on the back of the radio with the models listed below:

  • EVX-261-G6-5 UHF AC137U002-VX
  • EVX-261-D0-5 VHF AC137N001-VX

If you are still unsure please ask our team for help: 1-800-396-1911

Compatible EVX-261 Accessories:

We offer the most complete line of accessories for the EVX-261 radio series. You can find all of the original accessories that come with the radio along with audio and charging accessories to make your job easier. We offer Vertex original batteries accessories as well as popular brands such as Impact Radio Accessories, and Power Products. Select a category below to get started:

The EVX-261 Features:

Dual Capacity Direct Mode

Direct Mode enables you to have to communication paths on a single frequency effectively doubling your call capacity without the need of a repeater.

Transmit Interrupt

When seconds matter, transmit interrupt allows an operator to halt or "interrupt" any current transmission, in favor of a priority message.

Better Radio Call Quality

The EVX series delivers crystal clear audio through it's innovative digital radiowave technology; letting you hear radio transmissions like never before.

Better Message Control and Privacy

Control who you call and who gets your message in digital mode. eVerge digital radios each have a unique ID enabling users to select who they need to call or send a text message without including others.

Waterjet and Dustproof

eVerge EVX-261 meets international standard IP 55 for dust will not effect the performance and Waterjets of 6.33mm or smaller not harm the radio.

Universal Charging System

The Vertex Universal Battery System means you can use the same batteries and chargers across the entire Vertex line; making your radio charging system simple and confusion-free.

EVX-261 Additional Features:

  • 700mW Internal Speaker
  • 16 Channels
  • 2 Programmable Buttons
  • Emergency Alert
  • Lone Worker Alert
  • Multiple Scan Options
  • ARTS™
  • Internal VOX (when used with VOX accessory)
  • IP 55 Weatherproof/Dustproof Rating
  • 3 Year Warranty

Analog Mode Features:

  • MDC1200 ANI Encode
  • 2-Tone Enode/Decode
  • 5-Tone Encode/Decode
  • CTCSS/DCS Encode and Decode
  • FleetSync® ANI
  • Remote stun/kill/revive (5-tone)

Digital Mode Features:

  • All Call/Group Call/Individual Call
  • Transmit Interrupt
  • Direct/Dual Capacity Mode
  • Basic Privacy



Additional Information

Part Number EVX-261
Product Type N/A
What's in the Box EVX-261
Intrinsically Safe No
Output Power 5 Watts
Channel Capacity 16 Channels
IP Rating IP 55 (Water Jets)
Radio Display No
Average Battery Life EVX-261
Radio Technology Analog & Digital
Warranty 3 Year