Motorola WAVE™ OnCloud Push-to-Talk

Introducing WAVE™ OnCloud

If you are ready to boost productivity, lower your operating costs, and connect your on-to-go workforce with an instant, unifying communication solution, then you're ready for the new WAVE OnCloud by Motorola Solutions.

WAVE OnCloud is a communications tool that gives you instant push-to-talk communication & messaging across all your devices. Mobile phones, two-way radios, tablets, and computers can now connect seamlessly, increasing productivity and lowering operating costs with safe, secure communications through the Cloud.

This system offers quick setup with a simple management platform. It can be up and running in 5 minutes! The user-friendly, drag-and-drop design of the management system makes changing talk groups, and adding users quick and easy. Plus, it is designed for scalability, allowing you to scale your system up or down to change with the needs of your company, and all of this is accomplished using your existing devices and infrastructure!


It's easy, just fill out the "Get Started" form at the bottom of this page, and we will help you complete the 5 quick steps to setup:

Connect Mobile Employees

Perfect for Today's On-The-Go Workforce

WAVE OnCloud is ideal for the fast-paced work environment we live in. Forget dialing and typing, with just the push of a button, your team can communicate instantly using your existing Android or iOS devices from anywhere there's a broadband internet connection. Helping your team communicate and collaborate quicker and more efficiently.

With added LMR connection, employees who use a cellular device can now communicate with two-way radio users, keeping your site crew and your office crew better connected.

The Many Benefits

WAVE OnCloud provides many benefits; all designed to help your business grow:

  • Instant One-Button Push-to-Talk Communications - No Swiping, Dialing, or Typing.
  • Keeps costs Low & Predicitable by letting you Use the Carrier of your Choice, plus you can Add or Remove Users as Needed.
  • Have all your Communications under 1 App - Keeping everything Centralized & Organized.
  • 100% Cloud-based - Delivers the Lower Costs of a Shared System, with the High Security of a Private one.
  • GPS Tracking - So you can Keep an Eye on the Location of your Employees.
  • Serves as a Platform for Additional Features - Video & Image Sharing, Whiteboarding, Etc.

How WAVE™ OnCloud Works

The WAVE OnCloud system uses broadband networks and state-of-the-art software applications to deliver the ability for cellular users to have push-to-talk communications among one another and even among LMR (Land Mobile Radio) users; allowing total push-to-talk capabilities throughout your entire company. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices and works with any broadband carrier; letting you make the most out of your existing infrastructure.

Motorola WAVE OnCloud uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud to provide customers the ability to scale their system up or down, based on the ever-changing business world and what they need to thrive in it. AWS also uses the strongest cloud security encryptions available, keeping your conversations private.

To connect LMR to this broadband-based communication system, Motorola and WAVE developed the OnCloud Gateway; a small device used to connect your two-way radio system to the Cloud, and opening the communication barrier between cellular devices and two-way radios.

The WAVE OnCloud Management portal can be accessed through any computer and opens directly to Amazon Web Services, allowing for simple, quick adjustment to users and talkgroups, with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop user portal to keep your groups organized.

Top-Level Security

WAVE OnCloud delivers the highest level of Cloud security available through Amazon Web Services.

They use the strongest cloud-based security available with highly complex security standards and account password protection. No communication is stored or accessible on any server, and WAVE channels use a 256-bit key to encrypt and decrypt your data; keeping your conversations private and your information safe. Even credit card information is handled using PCI compliant technology for added security.

For internal protection, password holders have access to a 1-click, lockout feature to deactivate any user immediately, if needed.

Advanced Interoperability Features

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