ICOM IP1000C 100 Controller

IP1000C 100

Up to 100 users can communicate at one time on an encrypted network that does not require an FCC licence or call fees with this IP 1000C Controller.

Please contact us at 1-800-396-1911 to request a quote for an ICOM WiFi radio system or to expand an existing system.

Take Control of Your WiFi Radio Network

The IP1000C is Icom’s wireless network system, it keeps track of the radios in your network. IP1000C can also communicate with third-party manufacturers' WLAN access points allowing for great flexibility. It easily installs with existing IP1000Cs or new wireless networks. The IP1000C controls all terminal configurations and voice traffic. The IP1000C 100 is capable of controlling up to 100 terminals (including IP100FS). The IP1000C programs almost all terminal configurations over the air. Individual PC programming via cable connection is not required (Except initial setup).

How Wireless Radio Networks Work

The IP 1000C can be connected to an existing WLAN network or a new network can be created for radio use only. The IP1000C 100 can manage up to 100 radios or dispatch computers. The IP 1000C is connected to wireless access points that connect to your IP100H radios through WiFi. So long as the access points are connected to a VPN Router they can be in different locations across the country or even across the world and all be managed by the same IP1000C.

Connect up to 11 IP1000Cs to Grow Your Network

The IP 1000C 100 can manage up to 100 radios but you are not limited to only having 100 radios in your network. Two IP 1000C 100s working in tandem can can manage 200 radios, three can manage 300 radios and so on. It has never been easier to expand a radio network. More controllers or access points can be added at any time to increase the size or range of your network up to a scale that would be very difficult to manage with a traditional radio system. With the ability to connect up to 11 controllers, a total of 1,100 radios and base computers can be managed on the same network despite being at different locations.

More Information
Compatible ModelIcom IP100H
ManufacturerIcom America Inc.
Radio TechnologyAnalog (Digital Upgrade Available)
Frequency BandUHF
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