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Amerizon - Current Promotions

Current Promotions

Amerizon - K-12 Promotions


K-12 schools are eligible for a rebate up to $25 on the following two-way radio series:

XPR7350e | XPR7550e | CP200d | SL300 | VX-261
Amerizon - Healthcare Promotion


Healthcare organization can enjoy trade-in discounts and rebates on these radios:

XPR3300e | XPR3500e | XPR7350e | XPR7550e
Amerizon - Motorola Trade-In Promotion


Trade-in 10 of your old eligible two-way radios for 10 new, digital ones. Get up to $1,150!

XPR7550e | XPR7350e | CP200d | SL300 |VX-261 | SLR 5700
Motorola Wave onCloud - Amerizon

Featuring the WAVE™ Administration Web Portal

Motorola Wave™ onCloud Communication Platform

The Motorola TLK 100 radio keeps you connected no matter the distance, offering coverage for your team from coast to coast.

Radio Services

Radio Installation Serivce

Installation Service

The correct installation of a two-way radio system is critical to the operation of the system, with special consideration to the antenna system.

The experts at Amerizon can provide "TurnKey" system with our installation services. Ask us about it today!

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Radio FCC License Service

FCC Licensing

All professional two-way radios require an FCC license to operate within the US territory. Licenses differ according on to use of the radios.

Count on Amerizon to make this a painless process, as part of your radio system investment. Let us assist you with this!

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Radio Annual Maintenance


Keeping your radios frequencies at their peaks is essential in avoiding audio and range drifts. Drifts are normal occurences.

Amerizon recommends a radio system tune up once a year. We will gladly service your system to ensure all elements are performing at their absolute best.

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Radio Repair Service

Radio Repair Service

When radios malfunction it can mean a loss in productivity or security to your business.

Amerizon's highly-skilled and certified technicians will assess and repair your equipment faster than anyone else. We stock hundreds of OEM parts to quickly repair your radio back to peak condition.

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