Motorola CP200D Two-Way Radio

This is the most popular radio in the commercial line of two-way radios by Motorola. The radio offers one of the longest battery life available and operates in both analog and digital modes programmed per channel.



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Product Description


Migration to Digital

The Motorola CP200D supports both Analog and Digital operation, so you can upgrade to digital when it best fits your schedule. This means that you can purchase the CP200D today as an Analog radio and upgrade it to Digital when you're ready. We have experienced almost every scenario possible as we have helped hundreds of customers make the switch to digital radios. Moving to digital has it's advantages; however, there are several best practices you should follow when making the move. We recommend that you work with a member of our team to develop a plan for your business to migrate to digital without interrupting your normal day-to-day communications.

It is important to select the correct model CP200D when ordering radios for an existing fleet if you want them to work together. If you have existing radios you can compare the model number on the back of the radio with the models listed below:

  • UHF (Digital Upgrade Available): AAH01QDC9JC2AN
  • UHF Full Analog and Digital: AAH01QDC9JA2AN
  • VHF (Digital Upgrade Available): AAH01JDC9JC2AN
  • VHF Full Analog and Digital: AAH01JDC9JA2AN

Our demo's provide you everything you need to test the range, clarity, and battery life of the new Motorola CP200D radio.

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Sturdy Design

The Motorola CP200d looks very similar to its predecessor, and for good reason! The simple, rugged design of the CP200 is what made it such a successful radio model. With no vulnerable screens or complex button pads, the CP200d delivers easy, reliable communication, when and where it's needed.

Ratings & Standards

The CP200d was given an IP54 rating, meaning it's protected from dust and splashing water. It has also been given a MIL-STD rating of 810 D & 810 E; proving it's rugged engineering.

Accelerated Life Testing

As with all new Motorola radios, the CP200d passed the Motorola Accelerated Life Testing with ease, so you can have peace of mind knowing that if you choose a Motorola radio, it has been proven to withstand 5 years of wear and tear.


Additional Information

Part Number CP200D
What's in the Box Motorola CP200D Radio, 2300 mAh Battery, Charger, Antenna, Belt Clip
Intrinsically Safe No
Output Power 4 Watts
Channel Capacity 16 Channels
IP Rating IP 54 (Splashing Water)
Radio Display No
Average Battery Life 12 - 14 Hours
Warranty 2 Year Motorola Warranty