Motorola RMN5114A Lightweight Temple Transducer Headset w/ Inline PTT

MPN#: RMN5114A
This Motorola RMN5114 temple transducer headset is the newest in headset technology. It features high performance bone vibration speakers for clear audio reception. The RMN5114 uses a discrete, lightweight and streamlined "ear loop" that rests comfortably against the head, providing the bone conduction technology.

What is a Temple Transducer?

Temple Transducer headsets utilize temple receivers that convert audio into sound vibration and transmit it to the inner ear. This allows users to hear both radio audio as well as their surrounding environment. In high noise environments it means that users can wear ear plugs with the headset and still receive audio. Each Temple Transducer headset is designed for all-day comfort and features a frame that can be adjusted for an exact fit. Both feature a boom microphone with replaceable windscreen, and in-line push-to-talk (PTT) with clothing clip. Foam earplugs can be used as needed in high noise environments.

More Information
Accessory TypeHeadset
What's in the BoxHeadset
Compatible ModelMotorola DTR650, Motorola VL50
Warranty2 Year
ManufacturerMotorola Solutions Inc.
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