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SlowPoke [SLP5] Power Delay Timer

Compatible With: Motorola CM200D, Motorola CM300D

Mobile Radio Power Delay Timer
Processed By: Motorola Solutions Inc.
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Product Description



A. Remove the Amerizon Slow Poke Timer unit from the box, run the Ground, + Battery, Ignition Sense, and Equipment wire through the “HOLES” in the side of the box.

B. Connect the terminal marked G to the ground wire.

C. Connect the terminal marked IGN. To the ignition, (ie; wiper/am-fm radio or heater/AC) side of the fuse panel with a two (2) amp. Max. Fuse.                                                                             

“WARNING” If the SlowPoke Timer is being used in a Police  unit, dont use the factory-installed ignition, wire, as it is not spike protected, only use the fuse block.

D. Connect the terminal marked B + to the vehicle battery through the existing transceiver/equipment fuse.

E. Connect the terminals marked EQUIPMENT to the radio and/or other equipment.

F. Set the delay time as desired, settings found on page two.

G. Recommended mounting location for the SlowPoke Timer is on the inside FireWall under the dash, next to the fuse panel.

H. Replace the SlowPoke unit in the box and close with the provided screws.

Maximum relay contact current of internal relay is 30 amps at 12 VDC.

SLOWPOKE POWER DELAY TIMER should be mounted away from moisture

If the units are mounted in a moisture rich environment, we recommend sealing the unit with silicone or acrylic plastic. Seal hole with silicone. It is also recommended to run a small bead of silicone around the top of the box before securing the lid.

Changing the Time Delay Settings

Different delay-off settings can be chosen by setting the appropriate switch to on as summarized below. "ONLY SET ONE SWITCH ON AT A TIME" with exception to the last two for the greatest amount of delay.

Switch “ON” 2 ONLY = 15 minute delay approximate

Switch “ON” 3 ONLY = 30 minute delay approximate

Switch “ON” 4 ONLY = 1 hour delay approximately

Switch “ON” 5 ONLY = 1-3 hour delay approximately (Shuts off in approx 2 hrs)

Switch “ON” 6 ONLY = 3-5 hour delay approximately (Shuts off approx 4 hrs)

Switch “ON” 7 ONLY = 5-7 hour delay approximately (Shuts off in approx 6 hrs)

Switch “ON” 1 & 6 ONLY = 7-9 hour delay approximately (Shuts off in approx 8 hrs)

Switch “ON” 1 & 7 ONLY = 12 + hours delay approximately (Shuts off approx 13.5 hrs)


Limited Warranty

Amerizon Wireless warrants each new product sold by it to be free from defective material and workmanship and agrees to remedy any such defect or to furnish a new part in exchange for any part or any unit which is under normal installation, use, and service discloses such defect, provided the unit or part is delivered by the original owner to us intact with dates on both the lid and the unit the same for our examination with all transportation charges prepaid to our factory, within 12 months, accompanied with a copy of the original invoice, and provided that such examination discloses in our judgement, that it is thus defective.

This warranty does not extend to any of our products which has been subject to misuse, neglect, accident, excessive moisture, or incorrect wiring not our own, improper installation, or to use in violation of the instructions furnished by us, and does not extend to units which have been repaired or altered outside our factory.


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Part Number SLP5
What's in the Box Cable
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Compatible With Motorola CM200D, Motorola CM300D