Introducing the Motorola Solutions TLK25 Wearable Communications Device

Introducing the Motorola Solutions TLK25 Wearable Communications Device
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Introducing the Motorola Solutions TLK25 Wearable Communications Device

A Small, Discrete Device Packed Full Of Features

In today's fast-paced world, seamless communication is essential, and Motorola Solutions has once again raised the bar with its innovative TLK25 wearable communications device. Designed to cater to the evolving needs of various industries, the TLK25 is set to redefine communication on the go. 

Size, Design, and Comfort

One of the standout features of the Motorola Solutions TLK25 is its commitment to size, design, and comfort. This device is engineered to be the smallest and lightest in its class, ensuring that users can wear it comfortably for extended periods. Its ergonomic design seamlessly integrates technology without compromising on comfort.

Ease of Use and Rugged Durability

In addition to size and design, the TLK25 is incredibly easy to use, making it suitable for many professionals. Whether in hospitality, retail, healthcare, or education, the TLK25 will become an indispensable tool in your daily operations. Moreover, it boasts rugged durability, capable of withstanding the demands of various working environments.

Two Models for Versatility

To cater to diverse needs, Motorola Solutions will be launching two models of the TLK25: the Wi-Fi Only and the Wi-Fi + LTE. The current launch includes the Wi-Fi model, while the LTE version is expected to arrive in early 2024. This versatility ensures that the TLK25 can adapt to your specific communication requirements.

Compact yet Powerful

Despite its compact size, the TLK25 packs a punch with a weight of just 2.6 ounces and an impressive 12-hour battery life. It's built to be discreet but can also be made visible when necessary through various holsters, including badge holsters. Its compact form factor, resembling a keyfob for a car, ensures it won't weigh you down during your workday.

Seamless Communication

The TLK25 ensures seamless communication with its wired earpiece, eliminating the need for an external speaker. A large Push-to-Talk (PTT) button takes center stage on the device, complete with a PTT lock feature to prevent accidental touches. But that's not all; there's also a PTT button on the wired earpiece for added convenience.

SMART Device with Natural Language Processing

One of the most remarkable features of the TLK25 is its SMART capability powered by natural language processing. This means the device can understand the intent of spoken commands in various ways and even accommodate different accents and names. As for language support, it currently offers US English, with Spanish on the horizon.

Safety First

Safety is a paramount concern in several industries, particularly hospitality. The TLK25 addresses this with a dedicated panic button that complies with industry mandates. This button can transmit location information with room-level accuracy through Bluetooth beacons strategically placed within a building, displaying critical information on a dispatcher console.

Part of a Comprehensive Ecosystem

When you acquire the Motorola Solutions TLK25, you'll find the device, battery, badge clip, and a USB-C to USB-A cable included. Various accessories are available, such as an earpiece with a mute slider, belt holster, and a multi-unit charger with magnetic capabilities.

The TLK25 is not just a standalone device - it's part of a comprehensive ecosystem that integrates seamlessly with other Motorola Solutions products, including the TLK110, MotoTRBO, Wave app, and Dispatch. It's also compatible with third-party Bluetooth devices, provided they have a PTT button, ensuring flexibility in your communication setup.

The Motorola Solutions TLK25 wearable communications device is a game-changer in communication technology. Its compact size, rugged durability, ease of use, and SMART capabilities make it a versatile solution for various industries. Whether in hospitality, retail, healthcare, or education, the TLK25 is poised to revolutionize how you communicate on the go. 

Stay tuned for the arrival of the LTE model in 2024, and equip yourself with the future of wearable communication.

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