How to Program a Motorola R7

How to Program a Motorola R7
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How to Program a MOTOTRBO R7

The MOTOTRBO R7 offers powerful voice communications to make your work teams more productive. As one of Motorola’s best digital two-way radios, the MOTOTRBO R7 offers integrated Bluetooth and WiFi, the ability to make remote software upgrades, and advanced playback capabilities, among other cutting-edge features.

Out of the box, the MOTOTRBO R7 comes programmed with two channels. With a capacity of up to 1000 channels, you will need to program all the radios in your fleet to operate on the same frequency.

Depending on the R7 radio you buy, you can choose either an ultra-high frequency or very-high frequency model. UHF and VHF radios have different frequency ranges geared to specific businesses and uses.

But to program your MOTOTRBO R7s to communicate along the same frequency, you’ll need a special cable to connect to Motorola’s Customer Programming Software (CPS).

With Motorola CPS you can modify your radio’s features and download a file that can be modified and cloned for your other R7 radios with the same model number.

At Amerizon Wireless, we discourage our customers from using frequency counters or scanners to program their radios, as these provide very limited frequency information for each channel on your radio.

You may also need an FCC license to operate your radio. Amerizon can determine if you need an FCC license, and walk you through the process of obtaining one.

To fully optimize for all the advanced features of the MOTOTRBO R7, you need to make sure that important details are programmed in from the start.

Pre-Programming for a MOTOTRBO R7

Below we’ll discuss how to use the keypad on your Motorola R7 two-way radio and offer a complete list of all the features. 

But when it comes to pre-programming your radios for frequency, you have two options:

  1. Have Amerizon Wireless Program Your Radios for You

    When you purchase your MOTOTRBO R7 from Amerizon Wireless, we offer radio programming so you can begin using your new radio with all its advanced features directly out of the box.

    Your Amerizon representative will discuss programming options with you as part of the pricing for your new R7 radios.

    For new customers, we can provide both basic and advanced radio programming. If you mail us one of your existing radios, we can read it and program all new radios you purchase through us to match the others in your fleet.

    Radio programming through Amerizon saves you time and money.

    Use Your Radios Out of the Box!

  2. Program Your Radios Yourself

    You can program your radios yourself if you purchase the Motorola software (CPS) and necessary cable to connect your MOTOTRBO R7 to a computer. To self-program your digital two-way radios, you will need to understand radio frequencies and have a knowledge of digital IDs, among other things.

    It is important to note however that just the programming cable alone costs around $80.

    To find the cable, search for Motorola R7 part number: PKN4265.

    Amerizon offers screen sharing training sessions billed at an hourly rate to help you learn the software. If you are interested in personalized Motorola CPS training, give us a call at 1-844-658-0562.

Programming Buttons on the MOTOTRBO R7

Once you have your radio programmed to the correct frequency, the R7 has an intuitive keypad and digital display that makes altering the settings and programming your two-way radio a breeze.

The Menu Button (#2) will allow you to select the features and settings you want on your radio.

Everything you need is clearly displayed on MOTOTRBO R7’s digital interface.

The four-way navigation button (#9) will allow you to scroll through your radio’s settings and choose what you need for your business-critical communications.

If you need to quickly return to your home screen, simply press the home button (#7).

While the rest of the buttons should be self-explanatory, the MOTOTRBO R7 is field programmable. P1 (#1 above) and P2 (#8) enable you to connect to Motorola’s CPS software to make any necessary programming alterations. Once your radio has basic programming in place, you can easily turn certain buttons into shortcuts that give you instant access to this radio’s sophisticated features and functions.

R7 Programmable Buttons

The programmable buttons (P1 and P2) give you access to the following radio functions through Motorola software in the field.

List of Motorola R7 Programmable Buttons

Acoustic Feedback Suppressor - Turn the AF suppressor on and off

Action List - Launch the action list to select radio functions and features

All Alert Tones - Toggle all alert tones on and off

Audio Profiles - Select your desired audio profile

Backlight Display - Turn on the backlight display

Backlight Brightness - Adjust the brightness on your display

Battery Indicator - Check the current status and level of your battery life

Call Alert - Gain direct access to your contact list for call alerts

Call Forwarding - Toggle Call Forwarding feature on and off

Channel Announcement - Play zone and channel announcements on your current channel

Contacts - Gain direct access to your contact list

Emergency Off - Terminate outgoing emergency calls

Emergency On - Place an emergency call

Intelligent Audio - Initiate the Intelligent Audio feature

Mic AGC - Switch on Automatic Gain Control

Monitor - Monitor all channels

Notification - Direct access to notification list

Nuisance Delete - Temporarily remove unwanted channels from your radio

One Touch Access - Find preselected call features

Permanent Monitor - Monitor all radio traffic on selected channels

Phone - Gain direct access to your phone contact list

Power - Turn power from up to down

Privacy - Alter your privacy settings

Radio Check - Monitor active radios in your group

Radio Enable and Disable - Target radios to be remotely activated and deactivated

Repeater or Talkaround - Switch between using a repeater and directly communicating with other radios

Reset Home Channel - Select a new home channel

Scan - Toggle Scan feature on and off

Silence Home Channel Reminder - Mute the Home Channel Reminder on your radio

Text Message - Interface with the text message menu

TX Interrupt Remote Dekey - End a call to free up radio channels by dekeying the transmitting radio or terminating repeater call hang time

Trill Enhancement - Switch trill enhancement on and off

Voice Announcement - Turn on voice announcement functionality

Voice Operating Transmission (VOX) - Switch VOX on or off

Zone Selection - Select from your list of zones

Further Tips for Programming Your MOTOTRBO R7 (h2)
For more information on how to program the MOTOTRBO R7 two-way digital radio from Motorola, or to learn more about its features and functions, contact Amerizon Wireless today at 855.293.8970

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