Top 7 Motorola Radio Accessories

Top 7 Motorola Radio Accessories
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Top 7 Motorola Radio Accessories

Top 7 Motorola Radio Accessories

The Best Accessories for Your MOTOTRBO Two Way Radios

Motorola two-way radios have already established themselves as a step above the competition. MOTOTRBO radios deliver better voice quality, an expanded coverage range, greater privacy, and a longer battery life than other two-way radios on the market.

For enterprise and business-grade communication, Motorola two-way radios are in a class of their own.

When it comes to buying add-ons for your radios, various companies (including Motorola) have developed accessories to enhance the performance and improve productivity for MOTOTRBO two-way radios for your unique work environment.

Below, we will list our favorite Motorola radio accessories.

MCA NightHawk Surveillance Earpieces for Motorola Radios

When discretion and stealth are necessary, go with the Nighthawk-M1 earpiece from Amerizon.  

This twin wire surveillance earpiece will connect to several common Motorola radio models: the BPR40, the CP185, the CP200D, and the VL50.

Amerizon  has also developed the Nighthawk VX1-2 with single plugs and almost identical features for other Motorola two-way radio models.

Both the M1 and the VX1-2 earpieces feature an inline Push-to-Talk button. They 
are ideal for operations when you don’t want to alarm your guests or alert your clients or customers of your surveillance measures.

Available for analog or digital radios, Amerizon’s Nighthawk Earpieces are a great accessory for your organization’s undercover operations.

Motorola Two Way Radio Headsets

Protect your hearing and receive and transmit communications in the noisiest of environments with Motorola radio headsets.

The featured over-the-head headset here is from the MT Series, compatible with Motorola radios in the APX series.

The MT series incorporates 3M PELTOR, a leading headset manufacturer, technology of perfectly conforming ear cup design with advanced electronics.

At Amerizon Wireless, we sell a number of different headsets for a variety of businesses and industries.

We have the Motorola Hard Hat headset for those in construction and heavy industry.

We also carry temple transducer headsets. 

Motorola’s Temple Transducer headsets convert audio into vibrations, transmitting communications to the inner ear. 

In high noise environments, this allows users to wear earplugs, while still sending and receiving voice communications. Motorola’s temple transducer headsets are designed for all-day comfort.

Motorola Radio Unit Chargers

When it comes to Motorola radio accessories, none are likely more important than their unit charging stations.

Unit Chargers give you the ability to charge multiple radios in your fleet at once. 

Whether you need to charge six or twelve radios at a time, we have Motorola brand and Mobile Communications America brand unit charging docks designed to help you achieve consistent and reliable voice communications.

Motorola Two Way Speaker Mics

When you need to communicate clearly in loud environments, speaker mics from Motorola offer the perfect accessory for your two-way radios.

Remote speaker microphones (RSMs) come equipped with audio features for the outdoors (windporting) and excessive noise (noise-canceling RSMs).

The model featured here includes a 3.5mm audio jack for discreet operation. It also   
has a volume switch and 30” cable assembly. While not an RSM, this speaker mic was created by Motorola to serve those in public safety and public service. Its innovative design gives those in public safety and other organizations clear and crisp communications in high winds and other hazardous weather conditions.

Motorola Two Way Radio Antennas


The range on your two-way radios can be negatively impacted by a number of factors. Whether you’re using your radios indoors or outdoors, the terrain, and the weather all play a role in determining your range.

It can be difficult to figure out what the effective range for your two-way radio should even be. Am I getting the maximum coverage out of my radio? 

If you’re having trouble with the range of your devices, the best and most cost-effective Motorola radio accessory to get the ideal range is a better antenna.

As a good rule of thumb, the larger your antenna, the greater your range

Cases for Your Motorola Two Way Radio


Motorola Carry Solutions were designed to meet the needs of public safety officers, emergency first responders, or simply any user who operates in an environment that requires the consistent use of their hands.

Motorola’s leather carry cases are made from sturdy, top-grain leather. 

Developed to withstand harsh conditions and inclement weather, those in the construction and utility industries, along with public safety officers, find Motorola’s carry cases to be the perfect complement to their radios.

At Amerizon Wireless, we offer a variety of carry cases and clips for ease of use. Our Motorola two-way radio carry cases are available in a number of different sizes, and will fit your radio and battery, while permitting clear and audible communication.


Motorola Two Way Radio Batteries

Your radio is only as strong as your battery. Motorola develops such great batteries for their two-way radios that you’ll probably want to put a couple of them up on your shelf to admire their power and strength.

Motorola batteries offer a capacity of up to 3000 mAH, which powers your radio to last longer than with other batteries.

By carefully selecting the highest quality materials in the manufacture of their batteries, Motorola ensures that the batteries in their two-way radios will be free from hazard and built to last.

Among Motorola radio accessories, the batteries that come with your radios and their replacements are perhaps the most important accessory of them all.

Amerizon Wireless for All Your Motorola Radio Accessory Needs

At Amerizon Wireless, we not only sell the latest and greatest Motorola two-way radios, we also offer thousands of accessories to make your radios function in all kinds of work environments.

If you have any questions about earpieces, headsets, speaker mics, batteries, carry cases, unit chargers, antennas, or any of our other accessories, reach out to us at the link below.