Motorola Radio Warranties

Motorola Radio Warranties
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Motorola Radio Warranties

Motorola Radio Warranties

Two-way radios are a necessary investment for many businesses. They can also be an expensive investment. We understand that you want to get the most out of your two-way radios. Do Motorola radios come with a warranty? The short answer is yes, but these can vary depending on the type of radio you purchase, as well as the type of warranty.

In this article, we will break down everything you need to know about Motorola warranties. If you have specific questions related to your warranty for Motorola radios purchased from Amerizon Wireless, we encourage you to reach out to one of our expert technicians at 1-844-918-1732 or fill out our Warranty Support Form.

How Long Does My Motorola Warranty Last?

Motorola Solutions includes a standard two-year warranty on all their MOTOTRBO radios. The best way to find specific warranty information for your two-way radio is to find your model’s spec sheet, which will include the length of your warranty. 

Here is a snapshot of the warranties on some of Motorola’s more popular two-way radios:

  • Motorola R7: 5 years
  • Motorola Ion: 5 years
  • Motorola XPR Series Two-Way Radios: 5 years
  • CP and SL Series Radios: 2 years
  • BPR Series: 1 year

You’ll notice that the MOTOTRBO radios with some of the most advanced features and best-in-class two-way communication include extended warranties for up to 5 years. For instance, the Motorola R7 and Motorola Ion both offer 5-year extended warranties.

Business-class radios in the CP and SL Series come with Motorola’s standard two-year warranty. You’ll also see that the cost-effective commercial radios in the BPR series come with a 1-year warranty. This is because BPR series radios are not technically part of the MOTOTRBO family.

All warranties are activated beginning on the date of purchase.

What Does My Motorola Warranty Cover?

Your standard Motorola radio warranty covers manufacturer failures. These can include everything from faulty volume knobs, transmission and reception problems, and various antenna malfunctions, along with other issues with your two-way radio.

Standard warranties do not cover physical damage caused by the user. If you accidentally crush your two-way radio under your vehicle or it suffers from serious water damage and you have a standard warranty, you can reach out to an expert technician for repair.

Motorola Solutions does offer extended and enhanced warranties on its two-way radios. We’ll briefly list the warranty options below:

Standard Warranty

  • 2 years of protection against defects and manufacturer malfunction
  • 2 years of software upgrades
  • 2 years of telephone technical support

Enhanced Warranty

  • 2 years of protection against defects and manufacturer malfunction
  • 5 years of software upgrades
  • 5 years of telephone technical support

Enhanced Warranty with Hardware Repair

  • 5 years of hardware repair with a 3-day turnaround (including normal wear and tear)
  • 5 years of telephone technical support
  • 5 years of software upgrades

Enhanced Warranty with Hardware Repair and Accidental Damage Repair

  • 5 years of hardware repair with next-day turnaround (including normal wear and tear and accidental damage)
  • 5 years of telephone technical support
  • 5 years of software upgrades

For the cost of each warranty and whether your particular radio qualifies for these coverage options, ask your dealer.  When you buy the MOTOTRBO R7 from a licensed dealer, for instance, you have the option of purchasing accidental damage repair. Considering that these radios are a major investment, this might be a good option for you and your business.

What About Motorola Radio Accessories? Are These Under Warranty?

The warranties listed above refer to the body of the radio and the hardware inside. Motorola accessories such as batteries and antennas come with a 1-year warranty from your date of purchase.

How Do I Know If My Motorola Radio is Still Under Warranty?

Amerizon Wireless offers a handy submission form as part of our Warranty Support Program. We want to make sure you receive the best radio repair and warranty service possible.

Once you fill out our form, you’ll receive a call from a representative to let you know exactly what’s covered and can help expedite any warranty repairs.

How Long Will It Take for My Radio Still Under Warranty to Be Repaired?

We mentioned above that Motorola Solutions offers next-day repair on some extended and enhanced warranties. 

Please note that this refers only to the time it takes Motorola to repair your radio. It doesn’t include the time it takes for your radio to arrive at our facilities, shipping to Motorola, receiving your radio back from Motorola, and finally shipping it back out to you.

The entire process shouldn’t take longer than 2-3 weeks, but if there are any delays, we keep the lines of communication open with our customers. Typically, delays in repairing your radio are the result of equipment backorders.

What Should I Do If My Motorola Warranty Has Expired?

If your Motorola warranty has expired you have several options to consider. The first is: should I purchase a new radio or radios?

The Advantages of Purchasing New Radios (h3) 
We’re not trying to push you to make yet another expensive investment, but if you’ve relied on the same outdated Motorola radios for a long period of time, you might consider the benefits of purchasing new ones.

Here are some examples of situations in which purchasing new radios to replace older, broken ones might make sense:

Your Radios Only Operate in Analog:

You’d be surprised at how many benefits there are in switching from analog to digital two-way radios. Digital radios will give your users and business better communication when it comes to superior voice quality, increased capacity, better signal coverage, and extended battery life.

Motorola is Consistently Improving the Features of their Radios:

From noise-canceling capabilities to radios that give you all you need in the immediacy of Push-to-Talk (PTT) communication combined with the sophistication of a smartphone, Motorola Solutions is always innovating when it comes to their radio devices and equipment. Many of our customers report a significant ROI when they invest in newer model MOTOTRBO two-way radios.

You Have Come to the End of Your Radio’s Lifespan:

Most two-way radios last 2 years. MOTOTRBO two-way radios from Motorola Solutions are expected to last up to 7 years. Let’s do some quick math: say you spend roughly $600 per radio on the CP200D with the digital upgrade. Or $250 on a cheaper analog radio. Not only does the CP200D save you money in the long run because your radio lasts longer, but your users also benefit from its superior audio quality. That said, there comes a time when even the best radios need to be laid to rest. If you’re coming up on the end of your radio’s lifecycle, then it may be time to pull the trigger on new radios.

My Motorola Warranty Has Expired, But I Can’t Afford New Radios

We get it. Whether you’d like to invest in radios, but simply don’t have it in the budget at the moment, or whether it’s your preference to see how much life your current radios have left, we would never push you into a new radio purchase if that’s not what you want.

In fact, we offer expert radio repair services for this precise reason. We know that when your radios malfunction or you accidentally drop and break one, this can lead to losses in productivity. As a preferred vendor of Motorola, we offer the best in Motorola radio repair by stocking hundreds of OEM parts in-house.

Amerizon Wireless for Your Motorola Radio Repair

We can repair your Motorola radio and get it back up and running in peak condition in no time. Our staff of technicians guarantees that we will assess the damage to your radio(s), give you an honest assessment of the damage, and repair your equipment faster than any other vendor of MOTOTRBO equipment and devices.

If you have questions about our repair process, we invite you to give us a call at 1-910-483-8484 or email us at

If you’re certain you want to have a radio repaired, and you’ve already checked to see that the warranty has expired, you can simply follow the directions printed on this page

Contact Amerizon Wireless Today to Learn More About the Warranty for Your Motorola Radio!